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About Me

''Long story short''

After the university, I started working as an event manager, where I gained most of my experience in business communication, budgeting, creating partnerships, and marketing.


My journey in digital marketing began with creating ad campaigns on Facebook, with the goal of selling concert tickets. This field was the right place to acquire knowledge on how not to waste money and how to sell as many items as possible in a short time.


After that, I delved deeper into digital marketing and went all out as a PPC freelancer. I had the opportunity to work with clients such as car rentals, financial advisors, martial art associations, cosmetics e-commerce shops, and many more.


On top of everything, I am deeply interested in the psychology of human behavior. I want to understand why people do what they do. Whether you have a goal to achieve in small or large business, I want to be there and be helpful.


Now, as we witness the creation of generative AI, and the digital world has already become a part of our lives, I think it is the best time to get started or to improve!


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